Napoleon Bonaparte

Born in Corsica in 1769 Napoleon Bonaparte rose through the midst of the chaos of the French Revolution to become Emperor of the French. He is regarded by many as a military genius, by others as an opportunist. Perhaps he was both.

In any case, this site is an effort to collect together paintings of the great man and to make available works by and about him. To the right are thumbnails of larger portraits. Click on the thumbnails to see the picture in all its digital glory.

Check out the new musical about Napoleon's stay on St. Helena, by Stephen M. Hunt. When you think about it, it is a great subject for it. The end of Napoleon's career has all the elements of pathos, drama, and tragedy that makes for great theater.
Kala sent me a photo of the print of Napoleon, below, in hopes that I could identify it. Unfortunately, I failed miserably. Any reader who recognizes this might write to her and giver her the details on it. For example, when published, by whom, why, etc.

I found a short essay on the Great Man Theory as it applies to Napoleon, especially involving his invasion of Russia.
An index of available works by and about Napoleon are listed on a new site called the Napoleonic Bookstore. It also has prints, games, films, and documentaries. Please visit.

I found an article on the French Revolution and Bastile Day that is pretty interesting.

I am also endeavoring to collect together some quotes of Napoleon. If you know of any good ones, please e-mail me and send me the quote and source. I would hate to be historically inaccurate. We don't need any historical revisionism around here.

Napoleon had an interesting view of women.

Here is a copy of his farewell to the Old Guard.

Napoleon Crossing at the Bridge at Arcole

Napoleon late in life.

Napoleon Directing Troops.

Napoleon Crossing the Alps by Jacque Louis David

Napoleon Pardoning the Rebels at Cairo by Pierre Narcisse Guerin

Napoleon at  Waterloo

Napoleon at Waterloo 2

Napoleon Emperor

The Coronation

His Carriage

Napoleon and his Family

Napoleon in the Field

Farewell to the old Guard

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